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Kuttanad is a region covering the Alappuzha and Kottayam Districts, in the state

of Kerala, India, well known for its vast paddy fields and geographical

peculiarities. The region has the lowest altitude in India, and is one of the few

places in the world where farming is carried around 1.2 to 3.0 metres (4 to 10 ft)

below sea level. Kuttanadu is historically important in the ancient history of

South India and is the major rice producer in the state.


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The first recorded history on the origin of this land is obtained from

Sangam period literature. Additionally the oral history among local people,

transferred from generation to generation is a blend of myths and legends is a

valuable resource. According to Sangam era documents, Uthiyan Cheralatan

(Perum Chorru Udiyan Cheralathan or Keralathan, Athan I), or Udiyanjeral (AD

c. 130) is the first recorded Kera (Chera) dynasty ruler of the Sangam period in

ancient South India.[1][2] He had his capital at a place called Kuzhumur in

Kuttanad (central Kerala) and expanded the kingdom northward and eastward

from his original homeland. His lifetime is broadly determined to be between

first and third century AD. His queen was Veliyan Nallini, the daughter of

Veliyan Venman. Uthiyan Keralathan or Cheralathan was a contemporary of

the Chola ruler Karikala Chola. He is praised for his elephant corps and cavalry.

Present day Changanacherry end of Kuttanad was the capital of the Kera or

Chera dynasty king Uthiyan_Cheralathan (“Keralathan” is the Malayalam

pronunciation of “Cheralathan” in Tamil, similarly “Keralam” is a derivative

version of “Chera-izham” or land of Cheras). His descendant was Senguttavan

(Chenguttavan means “brave-hearted” in malayalam and his name is carried by

the next towns of Chenganacherri and Chengana to the present day). According

to sangam literature, Keralathan was defeated in the Battle of Venni with

Karikala Chola and the capital was burnt down by the Chola army. The name

“Chutta-nad” (burnt-land) became kuttanad, when malayalam evolved from

tamil and the “Che” sound in tamil was replaced with the “Ke” sound in

malayalam. Another local legend says Kuttanad was believed to be forest with

dense tree growth. This forest was destroyed subsequently by a wild fire.



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Vembanad (Vembanad Kayal or Vembanad Kol) is the longest lake in

India,[1] and the largest lake in the state of Kerala. It is also counted as one of

the largest lakes in India. Spanning several districts in the state of Kerala, it is

known as Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad, Kochi Lake in Kochi. Several groups of

small islands including Vypin, Mulavukad, Vallarpadam, Willingdon Island are

located in the Kochi Lake portion. Kochi Port is built around the Willingdon

Island, and the Vallarpadam island.



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Kuttanad is located amidst swaying palm trees in the Eastern

shore of Lake Vembanad, the largest lake in Kerala. It offers great views of the

Kavanar River and the serene backwaters that are well complemented by the

slow life in Kuttanad, which remains untouched by modernity even today.
Vembanad lake It is one of the largest lake of Kerala State of India. In

Kuttanad it is known as Punnamada Lake. Famous for Nehru Boat Race.

Backwaters-Kuttanad has much to offer for a tourist; its vast backwaters, fresh

water lakes (known as ‘kayal’); thousands of houseboats (known as

kettuvallam); moving along the slow flowing rivers that merge with the still

waters of lakes; pristine country life that exists in the lakeshores that enables a

tourist to view a world that is quite different from the rest of India.
Houseboat Cruising The Backwaters Of Kerala –
Culinary delights are as alluring as the sights outside the boat; toddy is the

favorite drink that works well with karimeen (pearl spot fish) both as curry or

fried and tapioca (mashed or plain boiled) are the master dishes Kuttanad.

Toddy has been awarded the status ‘state drink”. Chammanthi; a combination

of chilli, salt, coconut grating is simple but powerful concoction that makes any

ordinary food a delight! The chefs of houseboats have many more feathers on

their caps to enchant their clients.



Kuttanad Vacation RentalS

10 Best kuttanad vacation rentals

1. Shamrock homestay or holyday,Thiruvalla,Alappuzha,India
2. Lake house w Tropical garden,Alappuzha,India
3. Chekkal homestay- Arthunkal,Alappuzha,India
4. Gokul cruise four bedroom houseboat,Alappuzha,India
5. Erandia marari ayurveda beach resort,Alappuzha,India
6. Orchid lake view homestay,Alappuzha,India
7. Shanthitheeram lakeside heritage resort,Alappuzha,India
8. The grand cruice,Alappuzha,India
9. Rainbow cruice,Alappuzha,India
10. Ramada lake resort,Alappuzha,India

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Restaurants Near Kuttanad

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1.Makkani Restaurent,Alappuzha
2.Sisir Palace Backwater Resort,Alappuzha
3.Cafe Paradiso Espresso Coffee Bar,Alappuzha
4.KFC Allepey
5.Karimpumkala Restaurant,Kottayam,India
6.Memories, Alappuzha
7.Avocado Garden Restaurant,Alappuzha
8.Thaff Hotel and Restaurant,Alappuzha
9.Halais Restaurent,Alappuzha
10.Avees Puttu House,Alappuzha


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